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Welcome to the Index of all things Musebox-y
It is pretty bland looking here right now but I promise I'll pretty it up later.
Probably with a picture involving Danbo.
Poke around a bit, you'll see why.

Summer - Snow - Relationship - Minor Injury and Illness
Hypnosis - Fluff - Bathing - Angst

Open Post for anything and everything!

And my muselist you can take a peak at!
Recently it's been heavily tidied up, so if you don't see a character on there you know I play but would like to play with just tell me.

That's it I think! If you have any questions about wanting to do something with me then you're free to leave them below, or message [personal profile] blastiaiseasy if you would prefer.
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This is a complete list of all sixty skits available in Tales of the Tempest. All skits have been taken from Absolute Zero's translation patch for the game, which you should totally check out.

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Call Me Out

Mar. 6th, 2013 12:02 am
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【the CALL ME OUT meme】
a roleplay meme to inspire muses.

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[After this discussion last month about making things out of snow and the perks of doing so, there's the beginnings of a foundation for a snow castle taking shape nearby house 15. It doesn't look like much yet, but it's easy to make out the outer wall and the door of the sculpture if you come over to take a better look.

Around the castle-in-the-making are x and y who are busy packing snow onto the walls to build them up. There's still a lot of work that needs to be done to make it look like anything worthy of being called a castle, but it'll certainly end up looking good if the base of the castle is anything to go off of. Impressive even.]

[There's not as much snow around as there was before and the heatwave certainly isn't helping things. Most of the snow around the castle has been scooped up so there's only slush and grass left. At least the castle looks more castle like by this point, now sporting an archway for a door and a few thin windows one the front and back which were probably made by punching the snow out from the wall rather than them being a planned design choice.

Those living near house 15 might find someone walking around their front or back yards, gathering up some snow and carrying it back to the castle. It's just snow so hopefully no one minds sharing a bit of it, rest assured it's going towards something very cool.]

[Well, it's finished. It took most of the day but there's definitely a snow castle sitting outside house 15 now. There are even crenellations running along the top of it, though none of them look particularly even. Some of the castle appears brown from where melting snow was packed into the walls which had picked up the colour of the ground.

If you pass by you should come take a look at how impressive this thing is. Maybe even admire it or the people who built it, both of whom are walking around the castle to admire it and at times even head inside to look around. It's not as spacious inside as what was planned, so you might need to duck down a little in case you scrape your head and get a head full of snow.]
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Who: Precis ([personal profile] rocketpunch), Yunoha ([personal profile] seethrul), Yun ([personal profile] tolivefortoday), Yellow ([personal profile] moehealer), Pilouette ([personal profile] ribbonbon), Cheria ([personal profile] healedbythelight) and Pascal ([personal profile] castbytheglyph).
What: Sleepover shenanigans before the tornado!
When: Night of the 17th/Early morning of the 18th
Where: CH1, Floor 4, Room 19
Summary: Precis and Pilouette decide to hold a sleepover and invite along Cheria, Yun and Yellow. Cheria invites Pascal and Yun invites Yunoha along to get in on the awesome sleepover things they're going to do.
Rating: PG?

Muse List

Dec. 8th, 2010 11:00 pm
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Caius Qualls

Erica Fontaine

akko kagari

beryl benito

fuuko ibuki

Garnet til A.

haruna saotome







kotarou inugami

nodoka miyazaki


rin tezuka



shizune haka.

yang xiao long

yotsuba koiwai

yuuka kazami


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